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Over 25 years ago, I weighed 65 lbs more than I do now. How did that happen?


Yes, life happened. Maybe life happened to you too.

I became a product of  a sedentary lifestyle, and junk food. Just like the majority of Americans. And I was unhappy.

Junk Food was my comfort. Helped me not care quite so much about being unhappy. Junk food is a lot like heroin. It bonds with the opiate receptors in my brain. Refined carbohydrates and sugars really do that! Like opium/heroin. Junk food junkie…that was me. Is that true for you? Is sugar your heroin, like it was for me?

Well, of course, that doesn’t work. Empty calories make us fat!!

It is actually just that simple. Empty calories make us fat. Sure made me fat…how about you??

So, the cure for me was simple,  based on the “wisdom” of the day: “Eat less fat (fat has more calories per gram than carbohydrates),  and exercise that fat butt off. That actually worked for me. I exercised my excess fat away. I started mountain trail running, and worked my way up to 30 to 40 miles a week.  Sounds like fun, ha, ha! Well, that’s what I did.

And so WRONG! Sometimes things work in such a WRONG way. I did all of the “right things” to do. Lots of skinless chicken breasts. Veggies, salads out my ears. And so, after a 10 mile run at 6,000 feet, or climbing a 14000 peak, I would eat  a fairly massive carb dinner. Pizza, spaghetti, nachos.  And, I lost weight. Yes, I did. Why? Simple: I burned WAY more calories than I could consume.

That really works. Based on simple math,  calories in = calories out. Burn more than you take in. That is the conventional wisdom, and that is what most “diets” have been built around for the last 30 years.

However, things are not so simple, and burning massive calories is not sustainable. The body breaks down after awhile.     

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"For years I struggled with my life. Now my troubles are few and my life is taking off in the right direction. It's been easy with your hypno-guidance. Thank You." Franklin (Denver CO)*

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