Hypnosis:Myths and Misconceptions

Have you ever seen a hypnosis stage show? It looks like the hypnotist has some sort of power to control people, doesn’t it? The hypnotist has people running around like chickens and acting strangely. Have you seen  an episode of the Mentalist? How about  a recent CSI episode where a lady was given the suggestion in hypnosis that she would dive from her balcony into a swimming pool a few feet below? There was no pool! And the poor girl dove to her death. Terrible. And utter nonsense! Absolute utter nonsense. 

Such shows make strong TV drama, but have nothing at all to do with what hypnosis is really all about.  And sadly, shows like that can make people afraid to use one of the safest and most powerful tools for positive personal change that exists.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of consciousness that we all go into and out of routinely. You have been in hypnotic trance many, many times in your life. Any time you “space out” or go into a daydream, you have entered into a hypnotic state. We go into hypnotic trance states every day! Common examples of everyday hypnosis include “highway hypnosis” where you have been driving down that long, straight highway for a long time, and suddenly you wonder, “what happened to the last 30 miles, and who was driving the car?”. Well, your unconscious mind was, and (based on results), it did a pretty good job. If you have ever gone to a “Chick flick” and gotten a bit teary-eyed and choked-up, you entered into a very deep hypnotic trance. All that you really experienced was splashes of light on a screen…it wasn’t real at all, and yet, you took it in as your reality. You were hypnotized!

Studies have shown that we are in the hypnotic state 75% of the time when we watch television! That explains why advertisers spend billions of dollars to advertise on TV (we can’t be controlled when we are in hypnosis, but we can be influenced to behave in ways that we already have an inclination to behave). In fact, Albert Einstein called hypnosis “creative daydreaming”, (and Einstein stopped smoking with hypnosis!!)

The power of hypnosis lies in it’s ability to allow communication to be established between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind, so that you can make the changes that you want to make. When we are able to communicate with the unconscious mind, we can provide it with new information, and suggest new ways of behaving that work better.

What are the common fears and misconceptions?

Fear: “What if I become“stuck” in hypnosis?”

FACT : Because hypnosis is a naturally occurring state, you will naturally emerge when it is appropriate to do so. You are in control…you cannot become stuck (although it feels so good, you might wish you could get stuck for a long time!). But, YOU are always in control!

Fear: “I’ll  become a Zombie…I’ll be knocked out…unconscious…I won’t remember what happened”.

FACT : People are often surprised to learn that they are consciously aware, and remember what happens in hypnosis. The whole idea is for the unconscious mind to come to the forefront, along with the conscious mind, so that we can work with the whole mind to make the changes that you desire. And when the conscious mind and the unconscious mind begin to communicate, and agree, and come into alignment…there is great, great power for change. And…YOU are in control!

Fear: “I’ll give away my deep dark secrets”.

FACT: Hypnosis is not like “truth serum”. You won’t say anything that you don’t want to say. In fact, while you are in hypnosis, you probably won’t be talking much at all. You’ll just relax, and I’ll be educating your unconscious mind about the changes that YOU, at the conscious level, want to make. YOU are in control!!

Fear : “Only people with a weak will can be hypnotized. I have a strong will, and I’m stubborn”.

Fact: CALL ME RIGHT AWAY! The best subjects for hypnosis are people who are educated, above average in intelligence, who have powerful wills, and who can focus with stubborn determination. Just like Albert Einstein and Tiger Woods! I really want to work with YOU!!The only question is: “What are you strong and stubborn about? The things that get in your way? Let’s change that and get you moving in the directions that you want…and..YOU are always in control!

Everything can be summed up in one BASIC FEAR: “The hypnotist will control me! I don’t want to lose control!!”.

Answer: What a great fear to have!! You won’t get sucked into a cult or give your money to someone like Bernie Madoff. In hypnosis, YOU are always, always, ALWAYS the one that is in control. The hypnotist is only a guide. Come on…if I could control people, I already would have talked with some bankers…”Give me all the money in the bank, and forget you gave it to me.”!! Bottom line…YOU are in control!!

Hypnosis is so safe that it is unregulated in most states in the U.S. The legislators have looked at hypnosis and determined that it is essentially harmless: the worst that can happen is…nothing! And so they have decided not to pass a lot of laws about it.

I recently asked a friend of mine, an acupuncturist (she’s really good, call me for her number), what she paid for malpractice insurance. She said $1,000 a year. I was shocked! Acupuncture is SO SAFE! I highly recommend acupuncture. She asked me what I paid…I have a 1 million dollar policy and I pay $100 a year (that barely covers administrative costs to the underwriter!). THAT’S how safe hypnotherapy is. YOU are in control!. Always. YOU are SAFE!! And if you have any concerns, please BRING A TRUSTED FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER to the session. That’s always fine with me!

Hypnosis Is:

– The ultimate display of self-control
– Being awake with complete awareness
– Communication with the Unconscious mind
– A powerful tool to solve a multitude of problems
– Using the imagination
– A powerful tool for health, wellness, and for becoming the best that you can be in every area of your life!

Hypnosis Is Not:

– Loss of control
– Sleep
– Being controlled by someone else
– A form of black magic, voodoo, metaphysical, or mystical
– Being gullible

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