Hypnosis and Weight Loss

Is hypnosis effective for permanent weight management?

Well, it has certainly worked for me! I’m Steve Axtell, Board Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and over 15 years ago, I weighed 65 pounds more than I do now.

I took the weight off using hypnosis, and it has stayed off. And for many years now, I have been helping hundreds of other people to do the same. 

Reasons why people gain weight

In my experience in working with all of these people, I have come to believe that there are only three primary reasons why people are overweight:

Reason #1: Using food to cope with emotions and feelings.

Reason #2: Bad habits of eating behaviors.

Reason #3: Medical issues that could involve hormone imbalances or deficiencies, the side effect of some medications, or other medical problems.

Hypnosis can be extremely powerful in dealing with Reasons #1 and #2.

These first two reasons account for the vast majority of the overweight problems that exist, and they usually go together.

Let’s break it down…

Reason #1 Emotions and Feelings

We have been programmed to have a twisted relationship to food!

I believe that every living thing on Earth starts out with an instinctual knowledge of what the correct food is. As we look at animals in the wild, we see that they know exactly what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat. Wild animals do not become obese, do not have diabetes, or suffer from degenerative diseases.

All forms of life on Earth understand that food is fuel. “Food is Fuel” is the primary program regarding food and eating behavior. All life holds this program at the deepest and most fundamental of levels.

Food is Fuel.

Humans, however, have out-smarted the perfect knowledge that we were born with…out-smarted the instinctual understanding about how to relate to food in healthy ways. From the day of our birth we begin to have the fundamental truth corrupted.

We have been programmed into a very unhealthy and unnatural relationship with food. Programmed by our parents, our teachers, our peers, radio, television billboards and pretty packages in the supermarket. Programmed by our culture.

The answer to this difficulty is to find a way to wipe out that faulty programming, and reprogram the mind back to that foundational program, “food is fuel”.

Hypnotherapy is the best way that I have discoverd to accomplish this task. Stay tuned for more in future blogs. If you can’t wait, give me a call. 303-250-5138. I would be delighted to talk with you.

NEXT: Reason #2, Bad Habits of Eating Behaviors. Coming soon.

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