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How Hypnosis Works

Hypnotherapy uses Hypnosis ….as a tool to work with the mind. Think of the mind as having two different parts that have different functions: the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind.  

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Hypnosis:Myths and Misconceptions

Have you ever seen a hypnosis stage show? It looks like the hypnotist has some sort of power to control people, doesn’t it? The hypnotist has people running around like chickens and acting strangely. Have you seen  an episode of

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Who Am I? I am your constant companion, I am your greatest helper or heaviest burden. I will push you onward or drag you down to failure. I am completely at your command. Half the things you do might just

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Hypnosis and the Placebo Effect

PLACEBO EFFECT So, what is it about the Placebo Effect? Some people say: “Hypnosis is only a placebo…it’s not real”. I say “Of course!” It’s all about belief. 

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I was FAT!

Over 25 years ago, I weighed 65 lbs more than I do now. How did that happen? LIFE! Yes, life happened. Maybe life happened to you too. I became a product of  a sedentary lifestyle, and junk food. Just like

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Hypnosis and Weight Loss

Is hypnosis effective for permanent weight management? Well, it has certainly worked for me! I’m Steve Axtell, Board Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and over 15 years ago, I weighed 65 pounds more than I do now. I took the weight

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Hypnosis and Sports Improvement

We have known about the link between the mental aspect of sports performance and the performance itself. As far back as 1932, studies were done which showed that when people imagined doing a physical activity, the muscles that would actually

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Hypnosis and ADD/ADHD

I understand ADD/ADHD from the inside. You see, I have the “disorder” of having “attention deficit”. Well..I don’t think that it is a disorder at all. And, I find that I can “hyper focus” on something that interests me far

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Anxiety Part 2

Generalized Anxiety, Other Anxiety, and What to Do Generalized Anxiety is quite common, affecting an estimated 3 to 4% of the population. This type of anxiety fills a person’s life with worry, anxiety, and fear. People who have generalized anxiety

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Letting Go of the Past Part 2

What to Do about Unfinished Business If you want to move past the things in the past that are keeping you stuck—your unfinished business—you will need to acknowledge them and tell the truth about them. The Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming,Hypnotherapy,

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Letting Go of the Past: Part 1

People have a difficult time letting go of the past because they are held back by unfinished business. They may regret choices they have made or feel guilty about past actions. As long as guilt and regret are not resolved,

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